Passport to Adventure

From the moment the children entered through Passport Control to meet up with Captain Andy and his Flight Attendants, I don’t think their feet stayed on the ground very long. What an adventure it has been and what a busy, busy time. It was seen constantly in the children’s faces and with their enthusiasm for everything from the immense fun of the drama, to creative crafts, quizzes and scavenger hunts, and frenetic parachute games. Phew! It was amazing – the icing for decorating cakes never ran out….! It was great fun and a privilege for us all to be involved in teaching these young people a little about some of the Bible’s Super Heroes

• Day One was the Old Testament hero Joshua and how the walls of Jericho came tumbling down.
• Day Two was on Jesus’ teaching of the Prodigal Son and forgiveness
• Day Three saw us learning about Peter, his amazing love for our Lord and his miraculous escape from prison.

All of this drama was performed by the highly talented COVENANT PLAYERS with help, of course, from our own talented youngsters!

‘Please can we do this next year?’ was one of the requests. Watch this space…………………….