Space Academy - Holiday Club 2013

Space Academy

On Monday, July 22, 42 Space Cadets and 25 leaders set off on a journey through space and time, at the Space Academy holiday club.

Over the next 3 mornings we had great fun with Captain Steve, hearing the Bible story of Daniel, learning some space-themed songs, finding out some amazing space facts, and laughing (or groaning) at space jokes.

After this we spent some time doing different activities in our Starship groups. In the Cosmic Craft sessions we made models statues and space rockets, and everyone loved icing (and eating!) cakes and biscuits!

Thanks to the lovely sunny weather, we were able to hold most of our Phaser Fitness games sessions outside, and in the Transporters Bible-exploration sessions we looked more closely at the story of Daniel.
It was great having so many parents and carers join us for coffee at the end of the last morning to see what we had been getting up to. You don’t have to wait until next summer to come back, we have Seekers Club and Soul Bar groups for 5-14 year olds at our 11am Sunday services, and would love you to come and join us!