FOFL 6: Mouthpiece for Truth and Justice

11:00am, Sun 19th Nov 2017
Holy Communion

Being a Mouthpiece for Truth and Justice.  What do we understand by 'Justice'?  Revenge, as opposed to Forgiveness?  'The fair exercise of authority in the maintenance of a legal or moral system.'  Justice must be for all, regardless of status.

4 examples.

Nathan, to David: you must be sent by God; God does the challenging, not us; remove the injustice, not the perpetrator; beware, this can be dangerous work!

Julian the Christian, today.  Pat complains about Geoffrey's attentions.  Should Julian risk his job by going to their boss?

Iain and Jennifer MacCallum, supporting Christians sacked for their faith.  Christian Concern, and Care Trust: two mouthpiece charities.

Write a letter, about unwanted telephone calls, mostly scams via recorded messages.  But what about the vulnerable, the elderly, financially desperate, maybe even lonely people who need someone to talk to?  I've written a letter to OfCom, and will let you know the outcome.

3 positive low-risk actions that you can take.  Demand FairTrade products.  Boycott companies that are being unfair (eg Amazon).  Learn about William Wilberforce, stopping the slave trade.