FOFL 7: Messenger of the Gospel

11:00am, Sun 26th Nov 2017
Cafe Church

Preach the Gospel at all times; when necessary, use words!  But, at times, we need words, as well as actions.

"Always be ready to give an answer, to those who ask about the hope that is in you."

The 6 M's: which do you like most, and least?

The Good News is about being freed from oppression.

1.  God wants to save people, because He loves them
2.  God is the Lead Evangelist; not us.
3.  We have a role to play, being a Messenger of the Gospel.

Radio 4's Today programme on 17th Nov 2017, Frank Gardner talking to Bishop Angaelos of the Coptic Church in Egypt.

Good News story from Julie... (which of the 6 M's is this?)

Engels Scale, of steps to Christ.  It's a season of invitation, with lots of events you can invite your friends and neighbours to come along to.

We are the Messengers of the Gospel; God is the one who brings faith.  Give your friends the little booklet "Knowing God Personally" (or similar)

Being a Messenger of the Gospel: Praying, Caring, Sharing, Offering ways forward.

Soul Space in School.  What are your Hopes and Dreams?  One child wrote, "I hope I will follow God's path for my life, no matter how hard.  People sometimes laugh at me; but you just have to keep on."