FOFL 8: The Journey On

11:00am, Sun 10th Dec 2017
Holy Communion

Advent: the coming of Jesus.  Both his first coming at Bethlehem, and his second coming as judge of all.  It's also the last session of our course, Fruitfulness on the Frontline: The Journey On.  Do you remember the Fruit of the Spirit?  How can we remain fruitful for God?

Fruit takes time to ripen.  Claire, in the doctors' surgery.  Head teacher Judith, in school.  The prophet Elisha, asking God to open the eyes of his servant, and close the eyes of the enemy army.  Man going to work, realising God was already there in the office, before he arrived.

Jesus called the fishermen to be fishers of men.  This is our Season of Invitation, when we can so easily invite friends and neighbours, colleagues and family, to come and hear the good news.  Peter, in his letter, sounds an Advent warning, "There WILL be a test!"  Stay close to the Lord, and bear fruit for Him!