11:00am, Sun 10th Sep 2017
Morning Worship

This week, Aldham Church received a Legacy.  Often, Legacies are the biggest gift we ever make.  Have you made a Will?  Making a Will is sensible, not morbid.  Big charities are always asking you to remember them in your Will.  Legacies enable projects we might only otherwise dream about!  Many of the nation's hospitals, schools, public buildings and churches were built from legacies.
Have a look at www.churchlegacy.org.uk, which will give you more details.

October is Free Wills month, when lawyers will write (or update) a will for you, for free (you can make a donation to charity).  From 2nd October you can discover local solicitors who will do this: have a look at freewillsmonth.org.uk

Please consider leaving a legacy to God's work.  Gifts to charity are tax-free: so, as my father used to say, you're forcing the taxman to be generous!  "God loves a cheerful giver"!  Your will is the last expression of your wishes.  It's good forward thinking, and I commend it to you.