Mark 2: Supreme Teacher

11:00am, Sun 28th Jan 2018
Morning Worship
Sermon Series: 

Introduction: why do we have 4 gospels?  They're like newspapers, giving different angles on the same event.  Matthew focuses on Jesus the Rabbi, the Human Teacher of Israel.  Mark is the fast-moving all-action gospel: Jesus is like Aslan in CS Lewis, leaping from place to place, rushing on.  Luke's gospel is slower-paced, like a patient Ox, with more detail, especially from Mary and the women.  John's gospel is more reflective, seeing events from far off with high contrast.

Teaching is not easy; and Jesus was not always appreciated.  His stories started where people were, with everyday images; but they had deeper meaning, too.  This is a parable about parables, and how people learn.  For the good news of the kingdom, it's not just about teaching technique: it's a spiritual process, so pray that God would reveal himself.

Lastly, just read the Bible.  Not books about it, or commentaries, but the Bible itself.  The best courses ask questions, so you have to go to the Bible text to find answers.  Mark's Gospel should take 30 minutes, if you read it straight through, like a novel.  Have a go!