Sermons in the Series: '5 Marks of Mission'

5 Marks of Mission: 1 Proclaim the Good News

11:00am, Sun 18th Jun 2017
Holy Communion
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5 Marks of Mission: 1 Proclaim the Good News.

Emil Brunner: "The Church exists by Mission, just as fire exists by burning."

Fire can be dangerous, as we've seen in the Kensington tower block.  So can Mission, too.

Mission should be all-encompassing.  It's God's Mission, not ours.

5 Marks of Mission: to Teach, Baptise, and Nurture new believers

11:00am, Sun 25th Jun 2017
Morning Worship in School
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Tell, Teach, Tend, Transform, Treasure.

Some come to faith suddenly, others more slowly.  But either way, our faith continues to grow.  We need to invite people into this process of lifelong learning.

5 Marks of Mission: 4 To Transform Unjust Structures of Society

11:00am, Sun 9th Jul 2017
Morning Worship
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5 Marks of Mission.  Sometimes, the problems people face are structural, and society itself needs transforming.  Many see this as their calling - is it yours?  Often the answer is not more wealth, but better relationships.  But we cannot resort to violence, althoough it may seem like a tempting short-cut.

5 Marks of Mission: 5 To Treasure the Creation

11:00am, Sun 16th Jul 2017
Holy Communion
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