Sermons by: 'Wendy Pagden'

Redemption and Restoration

11:00am, Sun 20th Aug 2017
Holy Communion

The Canaanite woman, and Joseph: both examples of redemption.
Come to God: ask, 'Lord, Help Me!'

Also a Powerpoint file of 7 images to go with the sermon.
If it's easier for you, 7 individual images as an alternative.

Thy Kingdom Come

11:00am, Sun 28th May 2017
Morning Worship

The week of The Ascension has also been a tough week in Manchester.  What are we celebrating - the Absence of Jesus?  "Thy Kingdom Come" is a prayer for his Presence and Power.


11:00am, Sun 7th May 2017
Morning Worship

What is Vocation?  And how do you find yours?
Wendy's own personal story.