Sermons by: 'Ian Scott-Thompson'

Joseph's Story

11:15pm, Sun 24th Dec 2017
Midnight Communion
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Joseph was a righteous man, and according to the law he should have divorced Mary publicly and sent her away, or even brought her out to be stoned.  But he did what the angel said, in this dream and on three further occasions.  He doesn't speak, he simply obeys God.  This child is not his: it must have been a strange family!


11:00am, Sun 17th Dec 2017
Family Carol Service
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Seen any angels recently?  The Carol "While Shepherds Watched" features the angels' message.  Sketch: Dialogue between two angels.  The message was first, Worship, because God is worthy.  Second, Peace to men, because Jesus is God's peace to us, his free pass, his favours.  Thanks, angels!

FOFL 8: The Journey On

11:00am, Sun 10th Dec 2017
Holy Communion

Advent: the coming of Jesus.  Both his first coming at Bethlehem, and his second coming as judge of all.  It's also the last session of our course, Fruitfulness on the Frontline: The Journey On.  Do you remember the Fruit of the Spirit?  How can we remain fruitful for God?

Remembrance Sunday

11:00am, Sun 12th Nov 2017
Remembrance Sunday
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Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gadhi:
My grandfather was not a pacifist; but he wanted to reduce the violence to a bare minimum.

Film "Good Kill", about American pilots flying drones over Afghanistan, sickened by the slaughter.