Sermons by: 'Ian Scott-Thompson'


11:00am, Sun 1st Oct 2017
Morning Worship
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This world is God's world

God's world is awesome

God's world is full of variety

God's world is to be shared with others

FOFL 1: The Big Picture

11:00am, Sun 17th Sep 2017
Holy Communion

Pulpit Prayer from R.T. Kendall.

Today, we're starting a new theme for the Autumn, called "Fruitfulness On The Frontline."

Fruit and Fruitfulness throughout the Bible.  What could you do, to bear even more fruit for God?


11:00am, Sun 10th Sep 2017
Morning Worship

This week, Aldham Church received a Legacy.  Often, Legacies are the biggest gift we ever make.  Have you made a Will?  Making a Will is sensible, not morbid.  Big charities are always asking you to remember them in your Will.  Legacies enable projects we might only otherwise dream about!

What made Jesus angry?

11:00am, Sun 27th Aug 2017
Morning Worship

Jesus overturned the tables of the moneychangers.  What made him angry?  They were rip-off merchants!  It was sin that made Jesus angry.  Other examples.  Motivation: is it selfish or selfless?  Behaviour: in your anger, do not sin.

Forgiveness and Prayer

11:00am, Sun 30th Jul 2017
Morning Worship

New Wine was wonderful!  Dr RT Kendall spoke on Forgiveness; and then a number of speakers were on the theme of Prayer.  In our readings, Solomon was offered anything, and he chose wisdom to govern well - a good prayer.  We need to set time aside to pray, and persevere in prayer.  Romans 8 reminds us that God has given us his Spirit, who prays within us.

5 Marks of Mission: 4 To Transform Unjust Structures of Society

11:00am, Sun 9th Jul 2017
Morning Worship
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5 Marks of Mission.  Sometimes, the problems people face are structural, and society itself needs transforming.  Many see this as their calling - is it yours?  Often the answer is not more wealth, but better relationships.  But we cannot resort to violence, althoough it may seem like a tempting short-cut.