Sermons from Marks Tey

FOFL 8: The Journey On

11:00am, Sun 10th Dec 2017
Holy Communion

Advent: the coming of Jesus.  Both his first coming at Bethlehem, and his second coming as judge of all.  It's also the last session of our course, Fruitfulness on the Frontline: The Journey On.  Do you remember the Fruit of the Spirit?  How can we remain fruitful for God?

Jesus is The Way

11:00am, Sun 3rd Dec 2017
Advent Sunday - Parade Service

How can I find the Way to Heaven?  Jesus doesn't tell us where to go, or how to get there: He simply says, "I am the Way."

FOFL 7: Messenger of the Gospel

11:00am, Sun 26th Nov 2017
Cafe Church

Preach the Gospel at all times; when necessary, use words!  But, at times, we need words, as well as actions.

"Always be ready to give an answer, to those who ask about the hope that is in you."

The 6 M's: which do you like most, and least?

The Good News is about being freed from oppression.

FOFL 6: Mouthpiece for Truth and Justice

11:00am, Sun 19th Nov 2017
Holy Communion

Being a Mouthpiece for Truth and Justice.  What do we understand by 'Justice'?  Revenge, as opposed to Forgiveness?  'The fair exercise of authority in the maintenance of a legal or moral system.'  Justice must be for all, regardless of status.

4 examples.

Remembrance Sunday

11:00am, Sun 12th Nov 2017
Remembrance Sunday
Bible Reference: 

Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gadhi:
My grandfather was not a pacifist; but he wanted to reduce the violence to a bare minimum.

Film "Good Kill", about American pilots flying drones over Afghanistan, sickened by the slaughter.

FOFL 5: Moulding Culture

11:00am, Sun 5th Nov 2017
Morning Worship

FOFL 5: Moulding Culture

How can we bring God's well-being (the Fruits of the Spirit) to the people we meet?

Our lives must display integrity.  But how can we influence our culture?

Recent victims have been afraid of speaking up; but we must be willing to make sacrifices, to change culture.