Sermons from Marks Tey

The Fruit of the Spirit

11:00am, Sun 15th Oct 2017
Holy Communion

Reflecting on The Fruit of the Spirit.

Bless the Lord, O my soul.  'God's gentle convictions' begin to happen in our lives.

The Fruit of the Spirit, used as a spiritual checklist!  Am I showing the character of God, in my life?

Prayer: may God fill you with the knowledge of his will...


11:00am, Sun 1st Oct 2017
Morning Worship
Bible Reference: 

This world is God's world

God's world is awesome

God's world is full of variety

God's world is to be shared with others

FOFL 1: The Big Picture

11:00am, Sun 17th Sep 2017
Holy Communion

Pulpit Prayer from R.T. Kendall.

Today, we're starting a new theme for the Autumn, called "Fruitfulness On The Frontline."

Fruit and Fruitfulness throughout the Bible.  What could you do, to bear even more fruit for God?


11:00am, Sun 10th Sep 2017
Morning Worship

This week, Aldham Church received a Legacy.  Often, Legacies are the biggest gift we ever make.  Have you made a Will?  Making a Will is sensible, not morbid.  Big charities are always asking you to remember them in your Will.  Legacies enable projects we might only otherwise dream about!