Sermons from Marks Tey

What made Jesus angry?

11:00am, Sun 27th Aug 2017
Morning Worship

Jesus overturned the tables of the moneychangers.  What made him angry?  They were rip-off merchants!  It was sin that made Jesus angry.  Other examples.  Motivation: is it selfish or selfless?  Behaviour: in your anger, do not sin.

Redemption and Restoration

11:00am, Sun 20th Aug 2017
Holy Communion

The Canaanite woman, and Joseph: both examples of redemption.
Come to God: ask, 'Lord, Help Me!'

Also a Powerpoint file of 7 images to go with the sermon.
If it's easier for you, 7 individual images as an alternative.


11:00am, Sun 13th Aug 2017
Morning Worship

Faith: Abraham and Peter.  James says, "Draw close to God, and He will draw near to you."

Prayer and the Word

11:00am, Sun 6th Aug 2017
Morning Worship

Prayer and the Bible.

Relying on God's power, rather than our own strength.  Resting, trusting, and waiting.

Lectio Divina: reading Scripture slowly several times, to hear from God's Spirit.  A way to reflect on your day, and listen to God.

Isaiah 30.15-21

Forgiveness and Prayer

11:00am, Sun 30th Jul 2017
Morning Worship

New Wine was wonderful!  Dr RT Kendall spoke on Forgiveness; and then a number of speakers were on the theme of Prayer.  In our readings, Solomon was offered anything, and he chose wisdom to govern well - a good prayer.  We need to set time aside to pray, and persevere in prayer.  Romans 8 reminds us that God has given us his Spirit, who prays within us.