Sermons from Marks Tey

5 Marks of Mission: to Teach, Baptise, and Nurture new believers

11:00am, Sun 25th Jun 2017
Morning Worship in School
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Tell, Teach, Tend, Transform, Treasure.

Some come to faith suddenly, others more slowly.  But either way, our faith continues to grow.  We need to invite people into this process of lifelong learning.

Jesus heals the Paralytic

7:45pm, Thu 22nd Jun 2017
Deanery Synod
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Recently I went to the Holy Land, for the first time.  The best place, for me, was Capernaum; and we visited the synagogue where this great story happened.

5 Marks of Mission: 1 Proclaim the Good News

11:00am, Sun 18th Jun 2017
Holy Communion
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5 Marks of Mission: 1 Proclaim the Good News.

Emil Brunner: "The Church exists by Mission, just as fire exists by burning."

Fire can be dangerous, as we've seen in the Kensington tower block.  So can Mission, too.

Mission should be all-encompassing.  It's God's Mission, not ours.


11:00am, Sun 11th Jun 2017
Morning Worship
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Trinity Sunday

What is the Trinity?
What does the Bible tell us?
What difference does it make in our own lives?

What is the Trinity?  A mystery.  Like a fidget spinner; aa cloverleaf; ice-water-steam; or a 3-note chord.

The Power of the Spirit

11:00am, Sun 4th Jun 2017
Morning Worship
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Who is the Holy Spirit?  The Power of God.  Even after the Resurrection and Ascension, the disciples were frightened; but the Spirit made all the difference.  We need this Power today - power, not as the world sees it, but as God sees it.

Thy Kingdom Come

11:00am, Sun 28th May 2017
Morning Worship

The week of The Ascension has also been a tough week in Manchester.  What are we celebrating - the Absence of Jesus?  "Thy Kingdom Come" is a prayer for his Presence and Power.